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About The Learning Tree

Our Story

School’s Philosophy

“The absorbent mind is one of the most important ideas in Early Childhood Education”        – Mary Ellen Maunz.

We believe that focusing on the fundamental studies through, hands on, independent, interactive and fun techniques are great ways to develop each child.

Our mission is to create an experience that stimulates each child’s social, emotional, creative, intellectual, spiritual and physical growth, while nurturing the joy of learning.

Our Goals

Our goal is to encourage self- regulating behaviors, creating an environment that teaches young children how to deal with challenges that continue throughout their lives; creating initiatives where our school steers away from harsh punishment and move toward more effective forms of positive discipline.

We will create a comfortable classroom environment where students can develop positive relationships with other students and teachers while helping them develop into confident, happy learners.



Our Philosophy
The Mission of The Learning Tree Developmental Centre  –

to continue to make a difference to children, families, and employers, and to provide the highest quality early care and education for each child in each classroom, each day.

  • We put children first
  • We create a quality preschool environment
  • We encourage an honest, open culture


Qualified Teachers

We strive to work together to build and maintain trusting and respectful relationships with both children and families.

Professional Teachers 100%
More than 15 years experience 100%
Certified Teacher Assistants 100%
Aldise Williams
Aldise Williams
Aldise Williams
Jule Culmer
Jule Culmer
Jule Culmer
Administrative Director
Wendy Thompson
Wendy Thompson
Wendy Thompson
Managing Director