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Curriculum Overview

Our Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Overview

We base our curriculum on the fact that each child is a unique individual, worthy of respect, celebration, and nurture. We believe that children learn naturally. Children gain knowledge by communicating and doing. Our activities and experiences are planned with that in mind.

Our curriculum is created to provide a balanced, integrated education for children to develop at every level. Instilling positive traits in each child will lead to a lifetime of success and leadership qualities.

We are a non-denominational school with Christian values. The Bible is the most important guide for a child.

We tailor our lessons according to a child’s interest, talent, age, and needs. We believe that all children have the rights to a healthy, safe and loving environment to grow.

The Learning Tree provides a strong foundation that encourages the development of high self-esteem in each child.

Our teachers model self-discipline, leadership skills and the ability to foster independence in each child.

We accept children between the ages of 18 months—5years. Students are to be dressed in full uniform every day. All students are required to bring an extra change of clothes every day. Students should have food to eat every day. All personal items should be clearly labeled with your child’s name.