Aldise Williams


Welcome to The Learning Tree Developmental Centre. My name is Aldise Williams and I am looking forward to being your child’s teacher. I enjoy traveling, nestling up with a good book and spa days.

I’ve been teaching preschool since 1995. My love for children has led me to this career. I have a Preschool Auxiliary Certificate, obtained from the Bahamas Baptist Community College. A Directors Management Certificate, obtained from the Early Childhood Educators Upgrading Institute. Twenty- three years of teaching experience. NAEYC Conferences and workshops that has enriched my knowledge and skill in the classroom.

A successful academic school year is of utmost importance to me, however, it is not my only concern. Helping my students develop a positive attitude, good self-esteem and become confident is as equally important to me. My goal is to develop the whole child.

I work alongside an amazing group of individuals. We inspire each other to strive and grow. Our aim is to help each child develop in his/her own way.

Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to nurture, teach, love, guide and protect your child. It is a wonderful blessing to see a child grow and bloom.